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Luzellance assists, advises and accompanies its clients on a daily basis and in their creation of projects. It represents its clients in the framework of the litigations they may encounter, notably through mediation processes, in the following fields:

01Commercial law, business law and company law
  • Negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts such as framework and company contracts, commercial agency contracts, subcontracts
  • Assistance in the purchase and sale of companies: business and goodwill, sale of shares
  • Management of amicable escrow operations
  • Creation and restructuring of companies
  • Assistance for LBO and OBO
  • General legal assistance to companies: general assemblies, shareholders’ agreements
  • Drafting and negotiation of commercial leases
  • Assistance in the sale of commercial leases
  • Judicial representation of institutional lessors and commercial tenants
  • Monitoring of judicial expertise in commercial lease litigations
  • Commercial contract and subcontracting litigation
  • Credit recovery
02Civil law
  • Civil and professional liability
  • Defective product liability
  • Medical liability
  • Personal injury compensation
  • Alternative indemnification procedures before the Guarantee Funds
  • Securities
03General and business criminal law
  • Assistance and representation before the criminal courts, in the framework of investigation procedures, plea-bargaining procedures, European arrest warrant and extradition, expunging of criminal records
  • Criminal labour law: undeclared work, occupational health and safety rules etc.
  • Business criminal law
04Tax advising and tax litigation
  • Assistance in the filing of tax returns (income tax, property and capital tax, property Investment Company)
  • Personal taxation
  • Company taxation
  • Sale of company taxation
  • Restructuring taxation
  • International mobility taxation
  • International taxation for people and companies
  • Assistance and representation in tax auditing and pre-litigation procedures
  • Debt recovery and opposition to seizures
  • Regularization of foreign accounts and assets
  • Assistance and representation before the administrative courts
  • Criminal tax law
05Labour and social security law
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts
  • Monitoring and assistance in the implementation of labour contracts
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Redundancy, dismissal and voluntary redundancy procedures
  • Social security litigation
  • Occupational accidents
  • Posting of workers (advice, assistance and representation in the framework of procedures with the Labour Inspection and the Regional Company Direction (DIRECCTE))
06Private International law

Advice and assistance to foreign individuals and companies in France and to French individuals and companies abroad

Assistance in the resolution of complex disputes involving with parties located in different countries

01 Hand in hand– with our clients

Our clients are French and foreign individuals, entrepreneurs, craftsmen, small and medium entities, as well as bigger companies in search of a different relationship than the one they have experienced with large law firms.

In one word: they pass on; their knowledge, their social skills and their passion.


They build kitchens, wooden terraces, tailor-made windows, buildings; they decorate shops, restaurants and unusual places; they create cocktails; they dance and play, sculpt and paint; they advise companies in their marketing, design and financial strategies; they nurse; they train and teach.

The common denominator between our clients and Luzellance is no doubt that of transmission.

And what do we do ?

We identify our clients’ goals in order to define our objectives. We accompany them at each stage and compose the legal and fiscal score of their activities.

Because law is a living language that everybody does not master, we translate, explain, reformulate and advise.

We help each of our clients, foreign, French or francophone, to understand how our legal system functions.

More generally, we are present in the different stages of life. We forge a real partnership which ambition is to anticipate rather than to endure.

In short, Luzellance is a daily companion to its clients.

02 Hand in Hand –with our colleagues

Cross boarder opening was a natural foundation stone in the creation of Luzellance. The relation to the other, across the border, is a richness. It constantly reminds us that elsewhere, things are done differently. Comprehending these differences is key to our efficient assistance to our foreign clients in France and to our French clients abroad.

With that in mind, we have developed a network of colleagues in different countries, which is based on trust and shared consciousness of such richness.

Luzellance has been a member of AIJA (Association Internationale de Jeunes Avocats), for a number of years, in which we have developed a number of high quality relations.

Conscious of the importance to promote our ties in order to offer the best assistance possible to our clients with international projects, we co-founded the ACUTA international alliance. Our partners are in London, Rome, Turin, Milan, Boston, Barcelona and Dublin.

03 Hand in hand – within the firm,

We are eager to share and to pass on. With our associates and our trainees, we invest ourselves fully in order to contribute to their training and empowerment. We encourage the development of their projects, of their network and of their clientele, because we are convinced that what is a source of experience and self-fulfilment for them naturally benefits to all. Dialogue and mutual respect are the necessary cornerstones of this construction.

Luzellance is not a fixed concept and we remain curious of our next destinations, which are shaped thanks to and with those who join us.